The Big Lake Sauna comes from Northwest Ohio, near Lake Erie. It was custom built by another sauna geek who wanted to bring sauna to his area. It’s name is an homage to it’s roots near Lake Erie and an acknowledgement to our area’s many lakes and rivers.


  • Up to 8 people (groups of up to 12-15)
  • Traditional Finnish-style
  • Spacious changing room, with an upper shelf and several hooks
  • Back deck with railing
  • Easy-to-use outside entry woodstove (with a lot of rocks!) with firewood included
  • Cedar interior with a shou sugi ban finished exterior
  • Plenty of lights inside and outside
  • Key code locking back door (and thumb turn open/lock from the inside)
  • Outdoor shower hook up for during non-freezing temperatures
  • Pricing – Available for 2 nights at $600 up to 7 nights for $1,250. (Plus taxes and card fees)

Detailed Info

  • NUMBER OF PEOPLE: Up to 6-8 at one time in the hot room. Additionally, 2 people could sit in the changing room with the door open to the hot room if they don’t like the hotter temperatures. So, if you have a group of 12-15, you could go with this sauna and have a happy group and a fun time. Keep in mind with capacity that not everyone in the group will be in the sauna at the exact same time. It’s very common to have a larger group enjoying the sauna together, but not necessarily all in the hot room at one time.
  • RENTAL INCLUDES: Delivery of 30 miles (addtl is $2 per mile up to 50 total miles – further miles may be available), firewood, setup and instruction, towels, water bucket & ladle, and firestarter kit.
  • TRAILER & SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 20 feet long (total length of the trailer with deck) by 7 feet wide by 12 feet tall. This sauna is on a 16 foot, double axle trailer. If you’re concerned about your drive, a road, or your space available, contact us, and we can work with you.
  • TEMPERATURE: The time to your desired temperature will vary based on the outside temperature. However, you can generally expect about an hour to get up to 160 degrees. If you like it hotter, you can easily maintain 190-200 degrees.
  • WOODSTOVE: The woodstove is from Royale in Calumet, Michigan. It’s their large version that they customized by adding more space to hold rocks. It has over 200 pounds of rocks to ensure a great mass of soft heat that maintains a constant temperature. It’s an outside entry stove so you can conveniently start and check the fire from the outside and not have to worry about making a mess with the wood.
  • LIGHTING: There are lights set up to run off a battery for any situations without available electricity. The are also additional lights set up to run off of electricity (you will need an outlet that is accessible, but I can provide the extension cords.)
    • Hot room – 2 lights on the wall, dimmable lights under the bench
    • Changing room – 2 lights on the wall
    • Outside – 2 lights on the back deck, string lights around the roof edge
  • SEATING: There are L-shaped upper and lower benches
    • Upper bench – 80 inches long x 20 inches deep on one side and 65 inches long x 24 inches deep on the shorter side
    • Lower bench – 55 inches long x 16 inches deep and 46 inches long x 16 inches deep on the shorter side
  • INTERIOR: The interior walls are constructed with tongue and groove rough cedar. The benches utilize a smooth cedar.
  • AVAILABILITY: Our saunas can be used at your house, cabin/second home, AirBnb/Vrbo rental, campsite, a resort, and we’re available to do events, parties, gatherings, and other special occasions. If you’re a resort or short term rental owner, head over HERE for more information.